Alessandra Morgagni comunicazioni & media relations is a PR, media relations & events agency founded in 2013 and based in Venice. Among the clients of the agency: fashion and luxury brands, the main local and Venetian institutions, national and international companies.


Alessandra Morgagni, the founder, has been working in PR and Media Relations since 1989. She has worked for many years at the agro-chemical multinational company Montedison, for the Italian retail group Coin and was in the communication team of the Mose project for the safeguard of Venice from high tides. She has held lectures on event management and directed communication projects for high profile Venetian and international luxury, fashion, sailing and cultural brands and institutions. She is also a journalist, enrolled at the Italian Press Registry.
The first project she was involved in was in Venice in 1990, the launch of the Moro di Venezia sailboat for the XXVIII America’s Cup.
Her best ever project? The next one!